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Originally Posted by Chessie27 View Post
I donít even keep my boat on that side (minus CBA tourney day of course) and I think that is a GREAT idea!!!. Wait a minute, MAYBE I need to slip there the night BEFORE the tourney so some of that Luck rubs off on me BEFORE the tourney.....Hmmmmm.....
Come on over we probably can find a spot at either place. AMR is much more comfortable with amenities for Margaret. Yes there is plenty of water to get your 36í in there if you would just give it a try. Unless that is if we have a blow out tide in which case you wouldnít be out anyway! There are a lot of boats bigger than yours coming in there now for winter storage so youíll be ok. Let me know if you plan on coming over the night before. Iíll stay on my boat and we can plan our first and second place strategies over bonfire and cocktails!
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