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Default Why soccer will never be big in the USA

Tuned in to a few of the soccer games - just to see what all the hype was about.

Sorry to say - not likely IMHO - to catch on here.

First off - WTF is up with those horns ? Thought the TV speaker was going or a swarm of bees was in the attic.

Second - these guys should get an Oscar award for the great acting job.
They get bumped and act like they have three compound fractures , a ruptured spleen and a torn off ear.
Then they bounce up and run back to the line.

Should be a rule - you roll around like you are hurt - miss 1/2 the game.

Then there are the head bands. Sorry but you can not take someone wearing a head band seriously.

The bad calls were too much - no reason instant replay could not be used.
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