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It's been said that Obama is the greatest salesman the firearms industry has ever had. Fear is a great motivator for consumer purchases.

The 90's saw a dark time where extreme liberals (note that I say "extreme" and not all) went on a rampage of laying blame on anyone and anything that they could paint as a boogeyman. Bill Clinton, pre - Presidency wasn't really known to be a strong advocate for gun control. But with a rather far left leaning Democratic Congress, some of the most RIDICULOUS gun control ever imagined was passed. And the Democrats paid dearly for it in the following elections. Poll after poll indicates that Americans continue to respect their rights to own firearms, and the majority of state and federal courts have upheld that opinion. The most recent major overturning of a gun control law was the case of Heller Vs. DC in which an honorable man was denied the right to own a handgun at his residence (even though he carried one in DC for his job!) because of DC's 1976 ban on the sale and ownership of handguns not previously grandfathered in. (By the way, crime SKYROCKETED something like 134% immediatel after that law was passed.)

Regardless of what dinosaurs, political puppets and other ignorant people (ahem...cough...Bob Costas...cough) may claim, the Constitution DOES ensure citizens' rights to own modern firearms just as journalists can own modern computers and golfers can own more than one golf club.

I suppose Costas was trying to divert the blame of the recent tragedy away from football. I mean....several concussions surely couldn't have caused any mental or emotional trauma.....and of course, we've never seen an NFL star kill anyone, right Mr. Simpson? (who incidentally, used a knife to murder two people in case anyone forgot.)
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