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Replacing a guide is not hard to do yourself.

Remove the old one by carefully cutting the thread. I use a razor blade held flat along the rod.

Once guide is off - you buy one that matches. Anglers keeps fair amount in stock.

You can buy thread to match existing. Tape one foot of guide on rod - then wrap the other one. You'll work up to the guide - this let's thread climb onto foot nicely. Going the other way often leaves a gap.

Do the other side - check it is in line - then finish with clear nail polish , 2-3 light coats. Might not be as nice as factory but will work.

Heck , I once fished a rod with guides taped on by thin strips of duct tape.

Other option is George Pavlik 410 255-2540 in Pasadena. He'll match it perfect and I find his prices very reasonable.
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