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Originally Posted by Chessie27 View Post
Something else to be aware of while attending this event is the work being done off Popular Island. I believe the northern end of the island has lots off rock piles well off shore. Not the ones that have been there for a while, I think these are new as part of the expansion. Someone I’m sure has a chart/pic of where there are working. I plan to swing way inside EB and come up the eastern edge instead of cutting the point off the north side of the island.

Safe travels!!!!

Good call. See here:

I know some people have been tearing their lower units and outdrives up on the new rocks at Poplar Island. If you enter these waypoints into your gps they form a square for the corners of the new jetty.

North 38.80018 -76.36771
East 38.78957 -76.35706
West 38.78341 -76.37565
South 38.77650 -76.36240

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