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Old 12-03-2017, 04:36 PM
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Default For Mako Mike

Our good friend Mako Mike is layed up and wants to be able to read some boat/fishing related posts. So this one is for you

Holy Crap; Literally
After my last outing (60 miles) I got back into the slip just before dark. Phil cleaned the fish, but I was too pooped to clean the boat. Tomorrow was another day I went down and really did a good cleaning, knowing that the boat was going on the trailer in another day. She almost sparkled, I figured the only thing I needed to clean when I got her home was the hull and waterline.

The next day, Saturday, I hooked up the trailer and went to Jay's Marina to pull her. As I walked down the pier, I could see something grayish brown on the roof
An egret had pooped two large dumps on the roof. One place sat puddled, but the other ran down the roof, down the windows, onto the gunnels, over the side, and down the hull
I'm not kidding, it looked like an ostrich took a dump on my roof Well this looked like I needed more than just a hose and water, so I towed her home looking like she had been sitting under an OutHouse
I was busy on Saturday, so it didn't get cleaned. Today, Sunday, I woke to a light rain. It was just enough to make it more runny and messy.
I climbed up on the boat and with my deck brush, tried to clean it off. No way!! Most of it came off, but some was deep in the non-slip dimpled roof. I had to climb up on the roof with a hand scrub brush and get all the poop out of the crevices.
Now that all the poop was gone, the stain remained Even the scrub brush wouldn't touch the stain.
I went down the basement and got my Barkeepers Friend and climbed back up on the roof I scrubbed and scrubbed, but still had to make a paste out of the Barkeepers Friend and let it sit while I cleaned off the windows, gunnel, and hull.
When I went back to check on the roof, the barkeepers had done its job
The roof is now as clean as the rest of the boat. Barkeepers takes off any wax, so it's unprotected; but the season is almost over and shrink-wrapping will be taking place soon anyway.
It's parked in the driveway now, I expect all the swamp birds (starlings) to begin flying over her soon as evening approaches

Sorry Mike for such a $hitty topic

Best of luck on therapy tomorrow. I'd take a pain pill before the therapist arrives
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Old 12-03-2017, 05:27 PM
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That’s whats know as Chesapeake taradacle ****! Had the same thing happen to me on the other boat only difference was there was a rabbit tail ears and skin in this runny pile of ****. So defiantly not a egret or heron. My bet was a bald eagle since we have quite a few at both Marinas. The **** was under a bow rail with none one it, so the eagle had to have been perched on the rail. Now how cool would it have been to get a photo of a bald eagle perched on the bow of your boat,while ****ting or not!
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Old 12-03-2017, 06:44 PM
5th Tuition 5th Tuition is offline
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Whatever it was, and pterodactyl is a good guess, it was huge

As we ran south on Friday, we saw two Bald Eagles flying off the bigger range marker (off Down's Park). Neat to see.

After I got her clean today, I put $100 (43 gallon) of fuel in her at Costco She's not full (easier to tow), but more than half full

Can't run tomorrow Weather looks perfect. I have to take Mom to Dr appointments. Winds come up after that
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Old 12-04-2017, 05:48 PM
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Maybe the birds are trying to fatten up for the winter. My pier and car are both getting non stop hammered by the poop felons.

It's gratifying though to hear the waterfowl hunters only a few hundred yards away
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